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Life is a journey full of amazing experiences. Some people know where their heading and have a clear path. Some of us are explorers who enjoy discovering as we go. In all instances our values and beliefs help shape and guide us along the way.


what Discover values, beliefs, & behaviours drive your vision, mission & values.

Make the invisible visible!


Strategies & Trainings  to connect, navigate and grow with others building lasting  and self evolving results  in the face of change.

Words create worlds!


Inspire global leaders to embody the ideas of trust, connection, community, and mutual care for all. Together in this exceptional journey from…

I to WE.

Self Transformation

Powered by Cultural & Conversational Intelligence® (C-IQ)

Our Coaching approach is a one-on-one customized program designed to assist you in handling the challenges of rapidly changing environments. Developing self-awareness and connecting intention and impact are key outcomes of all our coaching engagements.

Leaders who only focus on their intention, and do not see their impact, are living in an I-centric world.   They are not aware of how their words can cause others to react with fear. The ability to self-manage and co-regulate the effects of uncertainty and fear are key abilities, both within ourselves, and when we engage with others.

This journey also enables you to connect and align your deepest sense of purpose, inspiring you to make a more meaningful difference in your work and life. Improve your ability to build trust, influence and co-create with others.

We integrate different coaching approaches, innovative tools, knowledge and the most valuable: life experiences.

Transformation is a journey of self-discovery!

Personal or Individual:  We work with individuals who want to achieve more and develop a mindset to improve the outcome in their lives.

Global Executive Coaching & Leadership:  Are you an executive, leader, or aspiring leader looking for the best in executive coaching or leadership development?

Become a next level leader by cultivating a mental & emotional skillset to improve decision-making, effectively manage your emotions. You will have ease in setting clear goals & strategies in both your career & personal life.

Leadership Embodiment: When we are under pressure we usually do not show up the way we want to. Leadership embodiment is vital to leaders aspiring to have more influence in their organizations. Our process allows leaders to recognize how they set the tone in establishing their culture, looking at the organization challenges from a We-centric lens.

Cultural Transformation

Powered by Cultural & Conversational Intelligence® (C-IQ)

‘To get to the next level of greatness, depends o the quality of the culture, which depends on the quality of relationships, which depends on the quality of conversations.

Everything happens through conversations.”

Judith E. Glaser

Women Specific


Team Transformation

Powered by Cultural & Conversational Intelligence® (C-IQ)

Is your team not achieving its potential?

Are there silos, and competition among employees rather than teamwork and collaboration?

Are there conversational and cultural barriers impeding  innovation and growth in your company?  If so, it may be time to power up your company with Cultural & Conversational Intelligence®.

Leaders, and their teams align and raise the level for their success and learn to expand their capacity to contribute to the organization, establishing WE-centric organizations where the people learn to positively impact the change process and expand the organization’s capacity for adapting to, and creating change. Each individual becomes the I inside the We

Shift from fearful words that trigger negative emotions to words that inspire and build healthy organizational environments.

“When we create conversational rituals that enable us to honor and respect others’ views of the world—especially when these views are very different from our own—we create a space for better conversations and for new ideas to emerge.” 

Judith E. Glaser

Executive team coaching: Interlacing a cultural viewpoint into team coaching is vital, not only because most teams are culturally diverse but also because when teams tap into their hidden intercultural potential, they become more creative and more effective.

We will uncover new insights into the ‘patterns of conversations’ taking place in your culture at all levels and provides a roadmap for change that will engage and energize individuals, teams and the organization in co-creating positive and transformational change.

Team coaching:  An exceptional and very powerful process that can make visible the team’s aspirations and release energy for activating higher levels of performance.

Conversational Circles: Create a  especial conversational environment, focused on goal setting, deepening awareness around key issues, having difficult conversations, taking action, and accountability. The team or group benefits from the peer learning with others, commonly referred to as the collective wisdom of the group. Open up to having great conversations!

Culture Café:  Create a safe environment  to talk about our cultural differences and the impact certain behaviours have in the performance of the team and the success inside the organization.  Do you feel things are lost in translation? Let’s talk  about how to build trust and talk about our cultural differences and get extraordinary results.

Experiential Workshops: We want to co-create with you the workshops that will unleash the power of your organization. Our roadmap for the journey starts with the discovery of patterns, blind spots and interaction dynamics that show up in your culture. Let’s make the invisible visible and co-create the strategy you need to be …


Design your Own


Perception Studies


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