Gabriela Herrero

A woman who loves to travel, to engage in great conversations, and a good cup of coffee. I believe in the power of simplicity, in the power of words and in the power of silence. I believe in the power – sharp, strong and wonderful – that emanates from everyone. I discovered it, face to face, while fighting one of the most difficult battles of my life: cancer. As a survivor, I know and understand the life challenges and the inner strength we have to face them. The power to rise stronger after a monumental fall.
I am easily astonished by the world and its differences. I have lived in different countries (my feet do not know how to be still) and I speak three languages: Spanish, English and French. I currently reside in Canada but my wings want to take me to Bali. I am a citizen of the world and nomad by choice. I am a Global Executive Coach – with an International Certification of Co-Active Coaching –by the Co-Active Training Institute – CPCC®, a global leadership advisor, mom, triathlete and a lover of simple but powerful conversations – Certification in Conversational Intelligence® by The CreatingWe Institute (C -IQ) -.
My purpose is inspired by the African philosophy of UBUNTU: to inspire leaders to embody the ideas of trust, connection, community, and mutual care for all. I envision and work towards creating a “We” Culture where success belongs to all. A culture where we are open and available to others, where the strength of our self-confidence comes from knowing that we belong and it fades if others are demeaned or not accepted.
The lack of stillness of my feet and my curiosity led me to develop a deep knowledge in interculturality, and it is right from here that I infuse my vision in coaching: harness and manage the diversity of multinational work teams. In 2009 I founded Existence Coaching to contribute to the improvement of the professional and personal development of individuals, groups, teams, and organizations around the world to accompany them in the transition to a “We” World where diversity is an exceptional strength.
I am a woman who runs, who swims, who rides a bike, who loves animals, has two kids and several countries to step in with lots of people to have wonderful conversations


our commitment is to partner with global individuals, teams, and organizations to go from I to WE – co-creating to build healthier, more resilient organizations in the face of change.

we have a global approach to leadership & coaching:
We are the bridge that connects cultures by leading with no boundaries; providing our clients with cultural and conversational intelligence resulting in the ability to connect, engage, navigate, and transform the world.


Who are we: Passionate!

we are passionate about developing exceptional leadership all over the world
we are passionate about co-creating high performance WE-cultures where trust and belonging are vital.
about partnering with individuals, teams, & organizations to connect, discover, navigate, and, evolve in a rapid changing international environment.

about different cultures and its people
we are passionate about you being…



Existence partners with an inspirational team of brilliant, amazingly talented, and creative experts from all over the world, to bring you ground-breaking experiences and take your organization to the next level of greatness… It is all in the art of being

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